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I am Paula Jeanne aka Pulsating Paula, a name recommended & well-
received to me a couple decades ago. I'm a published photographer
from ‘way back, I use to cover events for "Easyriders" 'Biker' and Tattoo
Magazines in the early 80's to mid 90's. If you we're around and in the
biker lifestyle back then, you knew me.

I love to photograph  beauty that inspires, Then I transform my
photography into a fantasy that some believe is impossible.  

I'm am passionately devoted to photography, I am now A Photoshop
Enthusiast who loves making people ecstatic and delighted by
manipulating their photos into anything imaginable by them or myself .

Peace and Carry on your Open Mindedness! Enjoy my Page!

Love, Luminosity, and Illumination,
Pulsating Paula

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